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It was always the wish of Shri Bhutt that he accompany Shri Nathji on such trips. But getting leave from office was another matter. He and his boss, the Secretary, were the only two responsible persons in the office. If he were to take leave, the burden would fall on his boss. There was nothing nearer to Mr. Bhutt’s heart than nearness to Shri Nathji. He wanted to accompany Shri Nathji on this journey and to serve him along the way.
He said to Dr. Babtiwale: I am prepared to go. But ask Shri Nathji what he will order me to do if I am not granted leave by the office!

“Shri Nathji se pooch len ke agar chhutti naa mile to mere liya kyaa aagyaa hai!”

Here was Bhutt prepared even to resign from his job in order to accompany Shri Nathji.

Shri Nathji sent back word to Mr. Bhutt: If you do not get leave from the office, then I will also not go.
“Bhutt Sahib, agar aapko chhutti naa milee to ham bhee naheen jaayenge!”
Shri Nathji’s reply revealed the extent of his love for Mr. Bhutt. Rather than have Bhutt take drastic steps if he were not granted leave from his office, Shri Nathji told him that he would not go on the tour.
But even before this reply had reached Mr. Bhutt, he had gone to his officer and said:

My Gurudeva – my Lord and Master – is planning to go on a journey for the salvation of mankind. I wish to accompany him, and to derive a share in this divine work. But I am hesitant to ask you for leave because a large number of people in the office have already gone on vacation.

The Secretary listened to Mr. Bhutt, and then said: Mr. Bhutt, I can grant you leave – but on one condition, that when your Gurudeva is giving people their spiritual share in this journey, you will bring a small part of his blessings to me as well! For the rest, I can manage the office without you!
This was another miracle. Mr. Bhutt stared at his officer in astonishment.