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While Shri Nathji was at Sukhdev’s flat, Sukhdev told Shri Nathji about the Muslim Fakeer- the peer, who had met Sukhdev at his flat, about thirteen months ago, in November 1949.
The holy man was reputed to have thousands of followers, and his sons were receiving their education abroad.
Sukhdev had written to Shri Nathji about him at Mussoorie. Sukhdev now narrated in detail what had transpired when the Fakeer had come to his flat in November 1949.
Sukhdev had given the Fakeer the room Shri Nathji had lived in when he had been there in March 1948. In the middle of the night, Sukhdev heard the Fakeer calling out to him: Sukhdev! Who has slept on this bed in the room? I cannot sleep on it. There are powerful vibrations in the room. There is also a fragrance. They belong to some divine power. Lay my bed down on the floor, I will sleep there!
Sukhdev brought a photograph of Shri Nathji before the Fakeer. The divine beauty of the portrait took possession of the Fakeer’s heart. He said to Sukhdev: Whenever Shri Nathji comes to Bombay again inform me at once!
When Shri Nathji came to Bombay in 1951, Sukhdev sent a telegram to the Fakeer. The Fakeer, richly dressed in a long cloak which was embroidered with gems, came to Sukhdev’s flat to meet Shri Nathji. He sat in the drawing room along with Sukhdev waiting for Shri Nathji.
Shri Nathji came out of his room, and, after the preliminary introductions were over, said to the Fakeer:
Peer Sahib! For as long as there is any third thing between man and God, union cannot take place!

“Jab tak insaan aur Khudaa ke beech men koyi bhee teesri cheez baaki raih jaati hai visaal naheen hotaa!”

And saying this, Shri Nathji walked back into his room.  The meeting was barely a few seconds long.
But the Fakeer was not conscious of what was happening around him. That one glance of Shri Nathji had been more than he could endure. His was a pure soul that instantly recognised the divinity within Shri Nathji. His eyes remained shut, his body vibrating, and his lips murmuring with intensity: Allah! Allah! Allah! Allah…
Shri Nathji asked Sukhdev to escort the Fakeer out as he left the place, because the man was not in a fit condition to walk. All the way, downstairs from the flat, he uttered not a word, his heart and soul being too full. Finally he said to Sukhdev:
“It is not I who am saying ‘Allah-Allah’, each and every vein in my body is vibrating with the words, ‘Allah-Allah’!

“Ye main naheen Allah-Allah bol rahaa. Meri nas nas Allah-Allah bol rahi hai!”

Before leaving Sukhdev, he said to him:

I have been filled with a divine nectar! The beauty of Shri Nathji is like that of the moon. His spiritual radiance is a Jamaal–one, which brings coolness to the soul!
“I have never seen such a Divine Power in all my life!

“Sukhdev, mainen aisee ruhaani taakat aaj tak naheen dekhi!”