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At Akola, the Rudra-Abhishek was begun. Fifty pandits had been called for the ceremony. Pitchers of milk, sandals of silver, illuminations and fireworks were all intermingled with the throngs of people gathered on the occasion. The sound of music filled the air. Bands were playing.
Rudra or Shiva–Lord Shankar–was to be worshipped in human form as Shri Nathji. In the physical body of Shri Nathji, the devotees were to worship Bhola Nath, Shiva, the God of Kailash, in the Himalayas.
Shri Nathji had frequently said in a light vein:
You should be thankful I am Bhola Nath–an innocent Nath, and not a Chatur Nath–a clever Nath! If I were the latter, I would be very calculating! As it is, I have come only to give, not to take anything from you!”

“Shukar keejiye ke aapko Bhola Nath milaa hai, Chatur Nath naheen milaa. Agar Chatur Nath miltaa to barraa hisaab kitaab kartaa! Main to sirf denen aayaa hoon, kuchh lenen naheen aayaa!”

Shri Nathji’s abode in Mussoorie in the Himalayas was to become a parallel to Lord Shankar’s abode in the Himalayas of Kailash.
The Eternal and Everlasting Rudra had come down to earth as Bhola Nath, taking upon himself a name he always had. It was the same Universal Soul that came down to earth time and again in different human forms to grant salvation to mankind.
The formless, invisible God must remain beyond the concept of the human mind. How can one know Him? The Eternal Light of God that fills the Universe does not have a visible form that human beings can understand. Avatars had come down in the past, but if they did not come down again, people would lose faith in the permanence of such a light.
The avatar of Shri Nathji on the earth proved the existence of the avatars that existed in the past.
If people wanted to know what attributes the avatars in the past possessed, or what they looked like, or how they interacted with mankind–they could look at Shri Nathji and find out. Those who had doubted the existence of such a phenomenon as the avatar became convinced of it after they saw Shri Nathji and understood him.