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While staying at Mussoorie, Shri Nathji was invited by Maharani Padmini Kaur, who was known as Maharani Rajpipla, to come and grace her party at 5:30 p.m. on the 24th of October 1950.
It was here that Shri Nathji was shown the diamond worth one crore by Maharaja Panna. Panna state was famous for its diamond mines. The historic meeting with Maharaja Panna has already been recounted in 1943, however we give it again below in greater detail.
“This is one of the largest diamonds in our state,” said Maharaja Panna to Shri Nathji, showing him the diamond.
“Why is the diamond so expensive?” Shri Nathji asked the Maharaja, “Can it satiate your thirst, or your hunger? Can you buy any ordinary things with it?”
“No,” said the Maharaja.
“Then what makes it worth one crore?” Shri Nathji said.
“It glitters beautifully,” was all the Maharaja could say.
“And yet,” Shri Nathji added, “you can see the glitter only because of the light in the room. It is the light that glitters in the diamond and not the diamond itself! If there were no light of what worth would the diamond be?
“And even if there were light, but no eyes to see the glitter, of what worth would the diamond be?
“Further if there be eyes but no consciousness behind them, of what use would the diamond be to you? And that which gives life to consciousness is God Himself.
“Therefore Maharaja Panna! What you are seeing in the diamond is really the Glory of God. The diamond has no worth of its own. What a wonderful thing it would be if the diamond could remind us of God!
Shri Nathji quoted his famous verse:

Uss gul kaa aks hai ye saare chaman kee raunak
Jis gul kaa gulsitaan men koyi nishaan naheen hai

The beauty of this garden is but a reflection of that Rose
Of which there is no sign in this garden!

Later, when Shri Nathji sent Maharani Padmini Kaur his book, ‘A Message of Love’, she wrote and said: “I am sure we shall attain salvation after reading your book!” She would always write letters to Mateshwari and refer to herself as “Aapki sneheeya baihen” i.e. “Your loving sister”.