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It was the first time in years that Shri Nathji had taken accommodation on rent, but he was happy in it. There were three rooms in all, one of which was used as a satsang room by Shri Nathji.
The moment people got word of Shri Nathji’s arrival in Delhi, the crowds began to pour into his chambers. Because the rooms were small, not many people could fit inside with ease and Shri Nathji’s satsangs had a crowded atmosphere. But the glory of his light continued to shine, relieving the miseries of those who came to him, filling them with untold peace and happiness, making the impossible become possible in their lives. As usual, of miracles there was no dearth, but Shri Nathji continued to place a veil over these occurrences.
Shri Nathji had a double duty to perform. At Delhi itself, he had to keep the children entertained, to take them out for a drive to Connaught Place, and at the same time to attend to the crowds that came to him at all odd times of the day and night.
It was a superhuman task, but Shri Nathji managed it, as always, with great divine skill. There he would be, giving finishing touches to the highest of spiritual revelations, and rushing almost instantly to the waiting car outside, in which Pran Nath, Priya Nath and Mateshwari were sitting, honking the horn.
Shri Nathji purchased Bayko building sets for Priya Nath who seemed attracted towards architecture at the time, and Meccano construction sets for Pran Nath whose interest clearly lay in electrical and mechanical engineering. These were expensive toys meant for intelligent boys, and Shri Nathji continued to purchase them for the children all through his stay at Delhi.