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Once Shri Nathji asked a group of intellectuals and pandits:
Do you know what is a precise and simple definition of the Aatmaa–the Soul?
When the intellectuals and pandits couldn’t satisfy him, he said:
That which is dearer than all the objects of the world is the Soul!

“Jo kul vastuon se priya ho vo Aatmaa hai!”

Shri Nathji continued: And how do we define Paramaatmaa–the Universal Soul?
And he gave the answer himself:
That which is dearer than even the Aatmaa itself, is Paramaatmaa!

“Jo Aatmaa se bhee Priya ho vo Paramaatmaa hai!”

Shri Nathji continued:
There are three things: God, the Soul, and Matter. The matter is inanimate. It has no qualities that distinguish it as divine.
“The Soul exists in consciousness, but it does not feel the bliss it should.
“The attributes of God are: Sat-Chit-Anand. He is Absolute Existence, Absolute knowledge and Absolute Bliss.
“When you come here you find yourselves lost in these qualities divine. These are conveyed to you through the medium of my body. And it is thus that you experience God.”
Indeed, for the time that people were before Shri Nathji, they forgot the world and even their own selves, in the Divine Bliss that filled their very beings.