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Someone asked Shri Nathji: “Are you an Adwaitvaadi or an Dwaitvaadi? i.e.
“Do you believe in Oneness (adwaitvaad) –that there is God and only God, or do you believe in duality–that God and His creation are separate from each other (dwait)?”
Shri Nathji replied: “ I am an Adwaitvaadi – I see Oneness–when I am absorbed in my God consciousness. And I am a Dwaitvaadi–I see duality–when I come into my body consciousness!”
“The soul of man is like a clean mirror that has no reflections in itself. When it comes inside the body and observes the world through the five senses of the body, which are like windows, then the images of the outside world fall upon the mirror of the soul and appear as reflections in the mirror.
“And, upon seeing these reflections, the soul begins to identify itself with them and to be affected by them. And thus desires and selfishness fill the soul. An ego develops within it. The soul becomes alienated from its real essence of purity, which was the essence of God. The ego is the I of the body – the I of its worldly pride, and everything associated with the body.