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There was a letter from Dr. Gobind Babtiwale dated 10th April 1951, sent to Shri Nathji at Mussoorie, in which he said:
“O Thou Lord of the Universe!
Bhagwan Bhola Nathji!

Tumhi Nirguna, tumhi Saguna, tumhi Ram, Krishna, tumhi Paigambar, tumhi Isaa!

Thou art the Infinite! Thou art the Visible and the Invisible both! Thou art Rama. Thou art Krishna, Thou art the prophets. Thou art Christ.
Thou art the ageless come down upon earth for the sake of us poor people on the earth.
There is Love in Thy Love and Love even in Thy wrath, for everything that Thou doest is for our betterment.
Thou art everything. Thou art the final destination. Thou art an Ocean of Love. Thou created the world; Thou alone can preserve it or destroy it.
It was only Thy Love and Grace that Thou condescended to make a sinner like me Thy own. I was a man subject to worldly desires, temptations, avarice and greed, but it was Thy Grace that took me out of the web of the forces of evil.
An advocate friend of mine who was very ill was miraculously cured the moment he set eyes upon Thee in Akola.
Please go on showering Thy Grace on him.
My wife had a vision of Thee and Mateshwari in our house, which Thou visited on the 3rd of January 1951. Her happiness knew no bounds.
I pray only that I be given the opportunity to serve Thee again and again.