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Shri Nathji kept the Standard Car in the MacDonald’s garage down the Mussoorie Dehra Dun road. He kept the Ford car in the parking sheds at the Savoy Hotel. The cars were still a major burden upon him. Now that they were no longer being run as taxis they were very difficult to maintain.
Most people in Mussoorie thought that Shri Nathji must, indeed, be a very rich person to have two cars. The Ford Car was still a novelty at Mussoorie, and Captain Kirpa Ram, owner of the Savoy Hotel requested Shri Nathji to lend him the car for a day so that he could try it out. He had great faith in Shri Nathji as a great spiritual leader and allowed him to keep his car in the Savoy Hotel car sheds, free of charge.
Shri Nathji had to go down to Delhi at one point of time in the month of May 1951 with regard to the car registration problems. He was very concerned about leaving Mateshwari and the children alone in the Mussoorie house with the servants, but he had to attend to the car as well. Victor was the driver at the time, and Shri Nathji went down to Dehra Dun with him, from where he wrote a letter to Mateshwari, addressed as usual to Pran Nath:

“Dear Pran Nath,
Reached Dehra safely, going to Delhi straight.
I am quite well. Please keep cheerful and remain healthy.
One motor tyre has to be brought from
Dehra, as there was no tyre extra.
I am also sending Record Bilti
duly signed, give it to
the servant and send him to Railway
Out Agency and tell him to bring the
records from there. Also send Rs.5
Annas 5 only, to bring the records.
Love to you both. Keep your mother
happy and healthy.
I will bring
many toys for you.
It is hot at Dehra
Dun. We have to buy petrol
from here. Victor is going on
very nicely. I will come back
soon. Don’t be afraid of anyone
You are always fearless.
Tell Priyaji I will also bring
Mickey Mouse books for him.
Hope everyone is good there.
I am going on very well.
Yours affectionately,
Yours Daddy,
“I have just now received a phone
call from Mussoorie from
Railway Out Agency that the
parcel of records has come to their office.
Please send at once your man there
to bring the records.”

The affectionate letter of Shri Nathji to his family, the philosophical writings, the letters of devotion of the devotees, and his mode of living in Mussoorie provided a sharp and varied insight into the leela of the Avatar upon earth.
Shri Nathji returned from Delhi looking pale and weak from the heat there. The climate of the plains was very injurious for Shri Nathji in the hot season. Soon after Shri Nathji’s return to Mussoorie, Victor, as was his wont, disappeared from Shri Nathji’s house at Mussoorie, leaving Shri Nathji alone to take care of the cars.
Shri Nathji did not have any achkans for the hot weather of the plains and had always to make do with the woollen achkans he wore at Mussoorie, from which he would choose the lightest. Amongst his assortment of achkans were those he wore most frequently on the Mall Road, which were always elegantly tailored by Ranken and Co., or Lilaram Sons or Trevillion Clark.
These were achkans made from light brown to dark brown cloth, and leaf green to air force blue. And there was always the dark navy clue achkan he always wore on his birthdays, which fitted his body to perfection.