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It was also during these days that Shri Nathji wrote his treatise on a subject that went beyond Vedanta. He called it “Goorr Vedanta”. There was a time in his youth when Shri Nathji had been called Vedanta Bhushan by the people and learned savants in the subject.
Such great philosophy was propounded by Shri Nathji in such simple words that it astonished everyone. No one was capable of such complex logic and so much simplicity at the same time. He was not merely writing about a subject which he knew. He WAS the subject itself. The book written in his own handwriting, in long registers in faded blue ink, in free flowing Urdu, would remain as a spiritual thesis that took man into another realm where he discovered that God was not simply an object of devotion but rather a Being who was All Knowledge.
Shri Nathji had, in his earlier books, always explained the difficult subject of the relationship of the human soul with God by using the analogy of the drop of water – the jal bindu in Hindi, and katraa in Urdu – with such clarity and logic that even a child could understand it. It also staggered the greatest of philosophers by its simplicity and irrefutability. Shri Nathji’s arguments and logic were accepted by philosophers, logicians, scientist and the great intellectuals of the time because they were absolute logic itself.