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There were many persons who had begun to use the name of Shri Nathji to attain fame. At Lahore itself there had been a man who later began calling himself Shri Nathji, and built up a large following of his own. There was another devotee, who was greatly devoted to Shri Nathji. He would scrupulously record and note down all the Urdu and Persian verses that Shri Nathji recited and the parables, which he used. When Shri Nathji walked, he would lift up the dust of his feet and apply it to his eyes and forehead. Later he changed his name to Shri Nathji and also became a renowned saint.
Shri Nathji’s book “Payaame Muhabbat” had been memorised by many mahatmas who quoted from it freely and received the accolades of the public themselves.
There were some who attributed the greatness and glory to Shri Nathji alone, but others who took the credit upon their own selves. There was a young man in chooridars and an achkan who copied all of Shri Nathji’s sayings and later became a “swami”. He came in a function of June 23, at Mussoorie and ensconced himself in the sofa meant for Mateshwari. He said to Mateshwari: “How is your inner self!” Mateshwari could not put up with such facades of spirituality. When a Christian missionary had once said to her at Mussoorie: “I will show you the light,” she had replied: “ I have already seen the light.”
Rumours had become rife in Allahabad as well that Jai Shanker Bajpai had begun holding satsangs at his home where he read from Shri Nathji’s books and worshipped Shri Nathji’s photograph. Later he was said to have transferred the worship to his own self.  Shri Nathji had nothing to say against any of these persons. He was happy that they were giving peace to the people even if they had to imitate him.
Shri Nathji often said: “Be happy that there are imitations. It is only the imitations that prove the existence of the real diamond. If imitations exist, then the thing which they imitate must also exist!” It was only Shri Nathji who was capable of such irrefutable logic.