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As a prelude to Shri Nathji’s Birthday on June 23, 1952, there was his lecture at Majestic Cinema Hall, on the 22nd of June in which the devotees and the folk in the city mingled with one another.
June 23, 1952 was celebrated in the verandah of Savitri Nivas. Once again there was the same Divine Grace and Love that poured forth from Shri Nathji to the people of the world, while the fortunate few that could be accommodated in the verandah witnessed this showering of divine benedictions. Mateshwari’s soul-stirring bhajan rang out in the verandah at the conclusion of the function and there was the distribution of laddoo prasaad. Maharaja Sarila had come especially early to Mussoorie that year because his daughter-in-law, Maharaja Charkhari’s wife was expecting a child, and they had wished that the birth take place in the neighbourhood of Shri Nathji.
Maharaja Sarila wrote to Shri Nathji: “I was very restless some time ago, but due to your blessings I came out of the depression.”
There was the touching scene at the end of the birthday celebrations in which Shri Nathji placed a laddoo in the mouth of the Maharaja, and yet another 23rd of June  had come to an end.