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The devotees narrated the experiences of Shri H.V. Kulkarni, the senior advocate at Nagpur, who had come to look upon Shri Nathji as God Incarnate from the moment he had cast eyes upon him at Nagpur in March 1949.
There was an occasion when he was asked to speak on Shri Nathji at a meeting of his learned colleagues of the bar and bench. Shri Kulkarni prepared a fairly intellectual speech in which he referred to Shri Nathji as a Great Soul, a Mahapurush, a Great Saint, a Supreme Maharishi, an unparalleled Yogi etc.
He had scrupulously avoided using the words, God Incarnate or Avatar, as he did not wish to make his beliefs too public, and he did not know what kind of a reaction they would evoke from his colleagues who knew nothing about Shri Nathji.
As he went to the podium to give his prepared speech, he suddenly found himself seized by an indefinable divine power. The next instant he was saying at the top of his voice:
“Shri Nathji is God Incarnate. He is the Avatar. He was Rama, He was Krishna, He is the Creator of the Universe!”
His words took his audience– as well as him!– by surprise but there was not a word of dissent.