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Raj Vaid Sudhanwa and his family came to reside at Savitri Nivas on this occasion. Mateshwari had greatly apprehended this. She had been very worried ever since Shri Raj Vaid Sudhanwa had begun calling Shri Nathji’s car “Society Ki Car–the Car of the Society” and she feared that Shri Vaid Raj would next begin calling her house, “Society kaa Makaan”–“The House of the Society”. And it was thus in a state of panic that she asked the Sudhanwa family to stay in a hotel instead of Savitri Nivas.
Mateshwari was so concerned about the Mussoorie house, which she had purchased after such difficulty, that she would not even allow Shri Nathji to sign on her behalf in the Municipal records. She had not forgotten how Shri Nathji had lost the Dehra Dun house to his scheming relatives and she feared that the same fate would befall the Mussoorie house if it were made open to all.
Mateshwari kept Savitri Nivas as a strictly private residence, which she wished to preserve for Shri Nathji and the children. Although this meant at times being harsh to visitors who wished to stay there, yet it was the only way in which she could save the property. She had once asked her own brother, Bal Krishen Khanna, and his family, to go and stay in a hotel, and the man had left in a huff.