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Shri Nathji returned to Mussoorie with Mateshwari and the children by the end of March 1951 and immediately settled down to his routine as a householder. There he was, taking the children to school, attending to the repairs in the house, replying to complex notices of the municipal board, writing letters to the devotees, completing the unfinished work of the plains, calling for the gramophone records from The National Gramophone Company, known as Young India, in Bombay, which had made his records.
The people of Mussoorie were delighted to see him again; the shopkeepers for the business he would give them, the poor rickshaw pullers for the Baksheesh–large tips–they would get from him, the poor for the love and affection they would derive from him. It was only here in the solitude of the hills that Shri Nathji could really be in tune with the Universe, with no one to distract his attention.
For Shri Nathji, the important and the unimportant events of his life were one and the same. It was no less important for him to be leading the life of a family man absorbed in the mundane affairs of daily life than it was to reveal himself as God to thousands of people in Akola, or to suffer the revolt of Sukhdev or the betrayal of Ram Lal, or to bear the acute distress of Mateshwari.
There was a time in Lucknow when he had been walking on the road with a group of men. At the end of the walk, the people apologised to him for tiring him out while he was walking, and said that they would not come the next time at the time of his walk. When Shri Nathji went out for a walk all alone, he was much more fatigued than before, and he said to the people:
“When I was with you, I was with but a few people, but when I was alone, I was with the whole world!”
There was absolute and complete divinity in everything that he did, and he spread just as much righteousness in the world when he was apparently doing nothing than when he appeared to be doing everything. In fact Shri Nathji was never alone and he was never doing nothing.
He would say:
“When the whole world is asleep I am awake. When you walk on the road, I walk beside you, and as you are about to fall I come and hold your hand. When you are restless, I come into your hearts as peace. When you are asleep, I sit by the side of your pillow watching over you!”