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During the winter of 1954, there was a young man in his early twenties, Shri Rajinder Kohli, a poor clerk working in the Water Works Department at Delhi who had developed great faith and devotion in Shri Nathji. He earned a mere eighty rupees per month, but managed to save a little with which to serve Shri Nathji. He would very actively and intelligently perform all the works that Shri Nathji asked him to do. He was the only person in later years with whom Shri Nathji discussed personal matters of importance.
Shri Nathji’s Divine Grace so fell upon the person that he rose rapidly in life and, in later years, became a high officer in the Burmah Shell and later the Indian Oil Corporation.
He had first met Shri Nathji at Allahabad when Shri Nathji had been there in 1949, and he kept a special portrait of Shri Nathji always with him. The picture had become the mainstay of his existence upon earth.
He would experience miraculous help in moments of acute distress whenever he prayed before the photograph.
His mother, Rampyaari, had such intense faith in Shri Nathji that she could think of nothing else other than Shri Nathji, night or day. People who saw the faith of Rampyaari were astonished beyond measure. It was something that had been denied many devotees, yogis, saints and sages–a constant absorption in God, which nothing could diminish or stop. She passed through numerous difficulties in life, and even lost her husband, but accepted everything as a measure of the Divine Will.
It was a measure of their faith in Shri Nathji that his devotees passed through acutely distressing stages in life and emerged unscathed, where purely worldly men would have been shattered or devastated with sorrow.
Rajinder’s sister, Swarna, also had a faith in Shri Nathji to match that of her mother. There was a time when she came alone to Mussoorie, disguised as a man in a coat and trousers, carrying all her ornaments with her. She brought the ornaments and offered them to Mateshwari. Though Mateshwari and Shri Nathji were pleased with her devotion, but they did not accept her gift and politely returned it to her. They called Rajinder from Delhi and asked him to take his sister back home. It was not in Shri Nathji’s nature to accept anything that was out of the ordinary. Shri Nathji was concerned for the girl’s future life and her marriage, and wished that she preserve the ornaments for that occasion.