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Shri Nathji used to say:
“I do not make the promises of a salvation to come. I wish to give you salvation–just now!
“Main agle aane vaale moksh kaa vaayedaa naheen kartaa. Main aapko issee vakt moksh denaa chaahataa hoon!”
Shri Nathji said: “If you were told that you would be granted heaven but that you would not get peace there–would you desire such a heaven? No. This shows that peace is more important than heaven. It is that which I give to you. Tell me, when you are sitting before me, does the thought of salvation or heaven even occur to you? No, because you are absorbed in that peace which is salvation itself.
“If you are in fear come to me, if you are in need come to me. And when you are neither in fear nor in need, then come to me for the sake of my Love.”

Main ne kahaa ke mit-te hain ranjo gam kis tarah kaho
Seenaa lagaa ke seene se maah ne bataa diyaa ke yoon

How can sorrow and suffering be made to vanish, I asked,
Bosoms clasped to bosoms, ’twas revealed in an embrace of Love