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There were the poor devotees of Nagpur and Akola who had saved their year’s earnings to come all the way to Mussoorie for the 23rd of June 1952. Amongst these was Shri K.R. Narsikar, who was to become one of the staunchest of Shri Nathji’s devotees in the future, and whose entire life changed into one of devotion. Shri Nathji had visited him at his home at Akola on the 2nd of January 1951. He was in the telegraph department.
He was so touched by the divine beauty of Shri Nathji that he made it his life’s mission to obtain as many photographs of Shri Nathji as he could, and to enlarge them and frame them so that they could adorn the large hall in his ancestral home at Waiker Wada, Mahal, Nagpur. Not only that, he also made it his mission in life to give out copies of these portraits to as many people as he could. He would not ask anything from them in return, not even the cost of the picture.
It was said that he even sold his wife’s jewellery to pay for the large portraits. He had not even the least doubt in his mind that he was preserving the portraits of God upon earth.
Many devotees began to have the Viraat Roop photograph printed on their letter-heads with the words “Sri Nathjo Vijayate” printed at the top.
Shri Narsikar was fortunate to receive the special divine Grace of Mateshwari and always remained her favourite devotee. Over the years she would sometimes write to him in her own handwriting. It was an honour that was seldom bestowed upon any other devotee of the time.
Shri Narsikar also began to maintain a collection of all the letters that Shri Nathji would write to his devotees at Maharashtra and indeed generally to devotees all over the country.
These letters were a treasure-house of spirituality that were the spontaneous outpourings of Shri Nathji’s heart to his devotees.