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Shri Nathji was so overjoyed at the elevation of his devotee that not only did he send a telegram of congratulations to Shri Bhutt, but he also sent telegrams to Shri Sohni and Akola and Dr. Babtiwale at Mangrulpir to convey the good news to others.
Shri Nathji had always said:
“A mother is happy to see her child playing with toys. She feeds him first, and then places the toys before the child. I have not come to ask you to give up the world; I have come to give you God!
“Prosperity is like a beautifully furnished room, and peace like the light which illumines the room. You cannot enjoy prosperity unless there is peace within you. You cannot enjoy the decoration of the room unless there is light within the room. Indeed, without light, the same furniture would become a stumbling block.
“Who is there in the world who will be happy to see you rise? The face of the world is such, that if you rise, it will become jealous, and if you fall, it will clap its hands with joy. If you receive a promotion your colleagues will call you “boss”, but in their heart of hearts they will wish that they had been boss instead of you. If you fall, they will express their sympathy, but deep within their hearts they will be happy at your downfall.
“Who is there who will come to raise you when you stumble and fall? The world with its indifference will say: ‘Why didn’t you watch where you were going? Were you blind? Andhaa thhaa dekh ke naheen chalaa?’”
“Remember that human nature is filled with selfishness and jealousy. No one in the world would like to see you become greater than him.
“But there are three places where this general rules breaks down: A father wishes that his son become greater than him, a mother wishes that her daughter become greater than her – and God wishes that His devotee become greater than Him!”
Shri Nathji always said to those who served him:
“Unless I fill your purses, how can I take anything from them!”

“Agar main aapke batuon ko bharoongaa naheen to unse nikaaloongaa kaise?

The miraculous rise of Shri Bhutt in the world of materialism was proof of the fact that one who served God received more than his share of material rewards.