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It was during January l952 that Shri Nathji had received a legal notice from the instalment company for not making the payments of the Ford car in time. The Kasera brothers had finally fulfilled the obligation for the payment of the Standard Car and could do nothing for the Ford. Bhutt was in a financially tight position himself. And so a letter was sent to Shri Sohni at Akola.
Shri Sohni had already been smarting with the betrayal of Shri Ram Lal, his friend, and he sought to atone for his shortcomings. He sent a draft for Rs. 4187 directly to the instalment company and cleared all the arrears. This resulted in the instalment company writing to Shri Nathji that the payment had been realised in full and that Shri Nathji had now become the owner of the car purchased on the 29th of July 1950.
Shri Nathji was greatly pleased with Sohni’s service at this critical juncture. The man had risen above himself and placed whatever he had at his master’s service. Although it was a small amount, yet the feeling behind the sewa, the bhaavnaa, pleased Shri Nathji.
Shri Nathji had said to Bhutt:
“Bhutt Sahib, if I ask you to bring a crore of rupees, do not say, ‘I cannot do it’, rather say, ‘Yes, Maharaj! I will go and get it’. Later you can return and tell me you tried your best, but were unable to secure it. In that way you will at least have complied with my hukam ­– order! It is the bhaavnaa that matters, the feeling within one’s heart for service, not the actual service.”