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The drop of water or the dew-drop was the individual soul, and the ocean was God. The drop was water in its essence, and the ocean was also water. As long as the drop of water remembered that it was water, it was one with the ocean, but when it forgot its reality as water it thought of itself as a weak and trembling existence.
In the beginning, all the drops of water were one with the ocean. Countless drops of water were collected together to form the ocean. All were of the same essence–water. The water is like the All Pervading Brahm which resides in everyone.
Shri Nathji would say:

“Agar Saagar se sab jal kee boonden nikal jaayen to Saagar kahaan rahe?”

“If all the drops of water were to leave the ocean, what would become of the ocean?”
Shri Nathji also said:

“Saagar bhee apoorna hai jab tak uski ek jal ki boond bhee uss se judaa hai!

“The ocean is also incomplete for as long as even one drop of water is separate from it!
“It is not only the drop of water that is incomplete without the ocean; it is also the ocean that is incomplete without the drop of water.
“The drop of water was evaporated from the ocean. How came this separation and why came it? These questions are not necessary. Separation doth sweeter make the union! The separation came about only to give the joy of union later.”