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There was a time when he was faced with a very difficult case. A man was facing trial for murder. All the evidence appeared to be heavily weighed against him. But, Shri Bhutt had a deep-rooted feeling within himself that the man was innocent.
The bench consisted of three judges who were to decide the fate of the accused person, and Shri Bhutt was one of the three judges.
Late in the night, even as Bhutt wrote his judgement acquitting the man, he prayed to God to let his judgement be correct, and that, if it were correct, to place the same idea in the minds of the other two judges who were writing out their independent judgements that very night.
In the morning when the judgements were read out, a miracle occurred – all the three judgements were unanimous, acquitting the accused!
Shri Bhutt wrote to Shri Nathji saying:
“I thank you for the status you have given me in life, but if you would ask me I would rather resign and live at your feet to serve you with my own hands”
Shri Nathji wrote back to him:
“Bhutt Sahib, tell me who made the world? God. And where is India? In that world. And where is Nagpur? In India. The High Court at Nagpur is in Nagpur. And a vacancy was created there for a High Court Judge. Therefore when you filled that vacancy you were filling the vacancy that was created by God!”
“I do not wish to convey the impression to the world that spirituality consists in renouncing the world. I want you to continue with your action in the world, but taking it to be an order, or the Will of God, and done only to please God!
“In that way your action shall become equivalent to a meditation upon God. When you see yourself fulfilling the duties He has given you, and all your actions are directed to pleasing him, and in all the successes that follow, you see His hand, then your life becomes a constant worship of God.
“The ‘inaction’ of meditation then becomes ‘in + action’ for you!”