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Shri Nathji told the parable of the farmer and the seth. Both went to a temple and placed their offerings before the idol of God, The farmer had only a plough as his sole belonging in life. The seth placed eighty thousand rupees before the idol.
As they were about to come out of the temple, God appeared before the farmer and blessed him. The seth prostrated before the deity and said: “O Lord! Thou appeared before the farmer and blessed him! But all he placed before thee was his plough. I placed an offering of eighty thousand rupees. But you did not come to bless me especially. Even this glimpse that I am getting of Thee is because of the farmer!”
And the Lord said to him: “O seth! You had crores of rupees with yourself. Out of these crores you placed eighty thousand rupees before me – which was a paltry amount for you. This farmer placed before me everything that he had – in the form of that plough! He was entitled to be blessed by me for his sacrifice! There was no sacrifice on your part, for you gave only a little bit from the vast storehouse of wealth that you had!”