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Someone asked Shri Nathji:
“If God exists within each and every person then why do we not feel his presence within us?”
Shri Nathji said:
“Take the example of the Invisible Electric Current. It enters numerous bulbs. But it manifests itself as light only in that bulb which has a vacuum inside it. Therefore for God to manifest himself within you, you must have a vacuum within you – be empty of ego!
“Every person has godly qualities within him, which are a manifestation of the God within him, his Ishvaratva.
“He also has worldly qualities within him, which are a manifestation of the body, his Manushatva.
“In some, the godly qualities predominate, while in others the worldly qualities are in predominance. Those persons who have a preponderance of the godly qualities within them, manifest God openly in all their thoughts, words and actions.”
“In a greater sense the question of differentiating between Dwaatvaad and Adwaitvaad is wrong.  
“Adwaitvaad means to see One. How can a person say he is an Adwaitvaadi? If he says he sees One, then how can he speak of One without being aware of Two? One can have an existence only relative to Two.
“And if he is aware of Two, then how can he be an Adwaitvaadi for whom nothing exists except One!
“On the other hand if a person says he is a Dwaatvaadi, which is to say that he sees Two, then how can he speak of Two without being aware of One? And if he is aware of One, how can he be a Dwaitvaadi who sees only Two!
“In reality the question of Oneness or Duality, Adwaitvaad or Dwaitvaad disappears when one is before God.
“There is then God and only God in whatever form He may choose to appear before man.
“These questions exist only for as long as the world exists. But when man has reached God, after leaving the world, these questions cease to exist altogether
Shri Nathji would say:

“Saakaar vaadiyon ke liye main Saakaar roop men aataa hoon
Niraakaar vaadiyon ke liye main Niraakaar roop men raihtaa hoon,
Aur apne aap men main naa Saakaar hoon naa Niraakaar hoon!
Kabhi main pragat ho jaataa hoon, aur kabhi main chhup jaataa hoon,
Magar apne aap men main naa pragat hoon aur naa chhupaa hoon!

For those who believe in the Visible, I assume a visible form,
For those who believe in the Invisible, I remain in the Invisible Form,
But, in myself, I am neither Visible nor Invisible.
Sometimes I reveal myself, and sometimes I conceal myself,
But in myself I am neither revealed nor concealed!