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Shri Nathji continued with his parable. While the mahatma had found himself in hell, there was a king who found himself in heaven.

The King:  “Myself–in Heaven! O Lord! I do not deserve heaven! I am a great sinner. I have never performed a single good act in my whole life! I should have been given hell where I belong!”
He was brought before God.

God:          “O King! Why are you protesting against being given heaven! All persons in the world desire heaven above everything else!”

King           “O Lord! I do not deserve heaven! I am a sinner! I have never done a good deed in my whole life!”

God:          “Look back at your life and see if you can recall any good deed that may have pleased me to grant you heaven!”

King:          “I have thought carefully over my life! No, Lord, I never performed a single good act!”

God:          “Listen, therefore, O King! There was a time when you were passing in procession in the streets of your kingdom. Your procession was bedecked with numerous lights. As you passed along the streets, your lights accompanied you. There was a very poor boy who lived in a house along one of the streets. He had to prepare for his matriculation examination the next day. He did not have any lights in his house and had not been able to study. He was crying in despair. Suddenly your procession appeared before him. He saw the lights and was overjoyed. He took out his book and walked alongside the procession, studying in its light. The next day he sat in his examination and passed! O King, for that good act you have been granted heaven!”

King:          “But O Lord, I was not even aware of the fact that I had helped the boy because I had not even seen him. If it was my intention to help him, then I would have merited a reward, but this good action was performed by me unconsciously without the intent to do good– so how could I deserve heaven for it?”

God:          “Go away! I only seek for an excuse to shower my Mercy and Grace! Hat-pare! Ham to raihmat kaa bahaanaa dhoondte hain!”
He who acknowledges his own sinfulness before God is not only forgiven for his sins but also rewarded by God for his humility and penitence.

In the parables above, Shri Nathji drew a contrast between a self-righteous mahatma and a contrite and humble king; and he showed how God would punish pride and reward penitence.