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The statue, that Shri Nathji had brought from Delhi in 1950, remained inside his drawing room at Savitri Nivas. It was not displayed for darshan before the people. Indeed Shri Nathji was too humble to propagate even his own idol before others. At best the statue remained a private part of Shri Nathji’s home, seen only by him and Mateshwari and the children. Only on very rare occasions did the devotees get to see it. Shri Nathji had simply placed it in the drawing room and then forgotten all about it. He had absolutely no desires with him. He had frequently said:

“I have no desires within me!”

“Main sankalp rahit hoon!”

There was a letter from Veerwati, the sculptor of the statue, on the birthday of Shri Nathji in June 1951, in which she wrote:

“O Bhagwad Swaroop Bhola Nathji Bhagwan!

O Living Image of God, Bhola Nathji Bhagwan!

“Thou art the All-Powerful who came down upon this planet earth for the salvation of mankind and embraced everyone in the arms of His Love Divine!
“O Thou, who are Prem Swaroop – the very incarnation of Love – may Thy birthday fill the world with Thy Mercy and Grace.
“We are all feeling Thy Divine Bliss come down to us here from Mussoorie. Although Thou art there in Thy physical form, Thou art present everywhere in Thy Invisible form, showering Thy Mercy and Grace and Love upon humanity, and sustaining the world in a countless number of invisible ways known only to Thee!”