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Shri Nathji would often say:
“The branches of a tree may shake from the wind, but they never leave their roots on the tree! It is natural for a devotee’s mind to waver, but it never leaves its foundation of faith!”
There was Shri Nathji’s Verse in Urdu:

Pukhtaa tabon par havaadas kaa asar hotaa naheen
Kohsaaron men nishaane nakshe paa miltaa naheen

Sufferings can never touch those who are strong of heart
Footprints can never leave their mark on solid rock

Shri Nathji also said:
“Faith is not something which can be acquired by you or which you can give up. If water has quenched your thirst, your faith in water has become unshakeable. Even you cannot give up the faith.
“You look at a carpet and see that it is red. This is your own perception based upon your own eyes. Now if later someone asks you to call the carpet green, or says that he will cut off your head unless you call the carpet green–you may do so to please him, but your heart will still bear witness to the fact that the carpet is red. It is not you who believe that the carpet is red; it is the red colour of the carpet that forces you to believe it!
“In a like manner it is not you who acquire faith in God, it is God Himself who inspires faith in you. 
“No matter how sharp your eyesight may become, but it can never see the sun unless the sun reveals itself to the eyes!”
This was to be Shri Nathji’s last visit at the home of the Bhutts. Shri Bhutt was to be transferred to Nagpur in August 1952. Another chapter in the life of Shri Nathji and his beloved Bhutt Sahib was soon to come to an end.
Shri Bhutt came before Shri Nathji with a sad and forlorn look in his eyes. He brought a letter with him. The letter showed that the government wanted Bhutt to come back to the regions of Central India from where he had been sent on a deputation to the North in 1945. Seven years had elapsed. Bhutt had been an Additional Sessions Judge at Chandrapur before he was sent to Simla to the War Department. All this had been a miracle of Shri Nathji. Bhutt had wanted to be close to Shri Nathji so that he could serve him and secure his darshan, and the sincere desire of his heart had been fulfilled.
Now it was Shri Nathji’s wish to separate him from himself and so a call had come from the government asking Bhutt to join the judicial service at Nagpur.
Bhutt was loathe to go. He did not wish to be parted from Shri Nathji. For as long as he was at Delhi he knew that Shri Nathji would come and stay with him and that he would be able to secure Shri Nathji’s darshan at Mussoorie also with ease. But if he was sent to Nagpur, which was hundreds of miles away in Central India, he knew that the darshan of Shri Nathji would become a rarity for him. Most of all, he would not be able to play host to Shri Nathji or sit at his feet, pressing his feet with his hands and fingers which Shri Nathji liked so much.
For Bhutt the transfer orders of the government were like poison. He had made up his mind to resign rather than leave Shri Nathji. He came to Shri Nathji and told him. However, Shri Nathji said to him:
“Bhutt Sahib, it is your belief that I am God, and, therefore, I have created the earth Where is Nagpur?  Upon the earth. There is a vacancy for a judge at Nagpur. Who has created the vacancy? I, myself! Therefore if you join as judge over there you will be fulfilling my wishes. Do not think that it is you who are going to Nagpur, think that it is I who am sending you there!”
Bhutt understood. It was Shri Nathji’s divine plan to send him away from himself. He, however, said to Shri Nathji:
“I will go there accepting it to be an order from you. However, Prabhuji, please remember that I am living entirely for your sake!

“Prabhuji! Yaad rakhiyegaa, main sirf aap hee ke liye zindaa hoon!”

Bhutt knew that Shri Nathji was God upon earth, and that the greatest worship of life was to serve him in any way that he could. He had often said:
“I look upon service to the Lord as the only means to salvation in this age of Kaliyuga.

“Maine to Kaliyuga men sewaa hee moksh kaa saadhan samjhaa hai!”

Never again would Bhutt be so close to Shri Nathji again; no more would he have the joy of sitting at the feet of Shri Nathji, looking at his face and massaging his feet. The relentless hand of time was changing everything.
It was already the end of March 1952. Shri Nathji had to return to his home at Mussoorie. It was time for the children’s schools to start. As Shri Nathji would frequently say:

“A time comes when everything becomes a dream.”

“Ek vakt aataa hai ke har cheez dream ho jaati hai!” 

Once again, with Victor behind the wheel, Shri Nathji, Mateshwari, Pran Nath and Priya Nath returned to Mussoorie to live at their home, Savitri Nivas, on the Mall.