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“My Lord and Master Prabhuji,
Crores of prostrations at Thy Holy Feet.
The bliss that I obtained from you at Mussoorie is indescribable. You were showering your light with such unbounded grace and generosity that it flooded my soul and that of the others who were present at the time.
However I do not desire the bliss that makes me forget the difficulties with which you are surrounded all the time.
I found Mateshwari and the children looking very weak. It broke my heart.
I am very worried about the situation at Mussoorie, where you are isolated from all the devotees who are in the plains, where numerous problems surround you all the time, where no one lives with you except the servants who are unreliable, where you have not made any devotees, and where people come and merely waste your precious time.
I want only that bliss which can be obtained through serving you. I wish to serve you all my life with all the means at my disposal so that Mateshwari and the children can live in absolute comfort without any worries of any kind.
I wish to end my life in this Holy Service, that is my only prayer.
Your Holiness’

Indeed in the years ahead Shri Nathji was to say that Bhutt was the only real devotee he had.
Bhutt was to Shri Nathji what Arjuna was to Lord Krishna or what Hanuman was to Lord Rama.