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After passing through Mhow, Shri Nathji went on to Dhulia. This was the place that had witnessed his miracle in January 1951. It was here that the leg of Narayan Lal had been miraculously cured when medical science had given up all hope.
Narayan Lal was a wealthy and influential man of Dhulia and had spread Shri Nathji’s name amongst his friends and relatives. He had often prayed to Shri Nathji to come and grace the city of Dhulia and to stay at his home.
However, Shri Nathji did not stay at Dhulia for even a single day. Nor did he even so much as inform Narayan Lal of his presence in the city. He did not wish Narayan Lal to think that he had come to seek any favours from him, now that he had given him a new life.
Shri Nathji blessed the city and populace of Dhulia silently from his seat in the car, and continued onwards in his journey to Bombay. His blessings were to remain in the city in an invisible form, adding to its peace and prosperity in hundreds of invisible ways.