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Shri Nathji, with his usual penchant for humour, would ever afterwards recollect how Shri Vishwa Nath Kapoor would follow him around from room to room in his house, switching off the lights in each room as they left, to save electricity.
Shri Nathji would urge people in his home to follow Vishwa Nath Kapoor’s example to save on the light bills.
As it was, all the lights in Savitri Nivas remained on simultaneously, regardless of whether the rooms were being used or not.
In particular the verandah of the house was always lit in the evenings and it consumed a fair amount of electricity. Mateshwari would always protest against this extravagant use of lights and would say: “Bill to mujhe dene parrte hain! It is I who have to pay the bills later!”