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Shri Nathji would entertain all relatives with great care and diligence. Even though they had great respect for Shri Nathji, and knew that he was worshipped as God by many, yet Shri Nathji took great care to play the perfect host to them.
There was a time when Veeran Devi’s daughter, Kamla, had come to stay with Shri Nathji along with her husband, Trilok Nath, who was reputed to be a hot-tempered man. Shri Nathji took extra care to make him comfortable and deputed a servant to wait on him at all hours of the day and night. Shri Nathji accommodated the couple in the main house, Savitri Nivas, in the ground floor room to the East, instead of the Cottage reserved for guests and devotees. Every morning at 8 a.m. sharp, Shri Nathji recalled how he would hear Trilok Nath calling out in a loud voice to the servant: “Breakfast!”
While Kamla was staying with Mateshwari, she saw the gold necklace that Mateshwari was wearing and began to insist that it belonged to her mother, Veeran Devi, who, she said, had given it to Mateshwari, instead of giving it to her. Even though Veeran Devi tried to explain to her that it was not the same necklace, she would not be pacified, and began crying loudly.
Her husband, Trilok Nath, had gone for a morning walk and was just returning. Shri Nathji knew that if he saw the scene his wife was creating, he would openly join hands with her and create further conflict in the house, especially since he had been reputed to be “ hot tempered”.
Although Shri Nathji was not afraid of hot-tempered people, he did not wish to see Mateshwari agitated any further.
And so he very diplomatically stood outside the iron gate of Savitri Nivas waiting for Trilok Nath to come up the slope. No sooner had Trilok Nath come, than Shri Nathji handed him the morning newspaper, which he began to peruse, while talking to Shri Nathji about the news. Shri Nathji detained him at the gate with small talk until the time the commotion inside had subsided. By that time Kamla had realised her own folly and was begging forgiveness of Mateshwari.
Shri Nathji would also say:

“Hansaaye kaa naam naheen, rulaaye kaa naam hai.

“If you make someone laugh his relatives will not come to thank you, but if you make someone cry his relatives will come to fight with you.”