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He would speak of Laila and Majnu frequently, and tell the following story.
Laila would send food to her beloved Majnu through her servants, because Majnu was much too preoccupied with love to have any thought of food himself.
One day, Laila asked her servants to describe Majnu, and each gave her a different answer. It became apparent to Laila that imposters were eating the food meant for Majnu. She had to teach the imposters a lesson and also test Majnu’s love for her. She sent a servant along with a knife and a cup:

Tell Majnu, I want freshly drawn blood from his chest!
The servant met the imposters who posed as Majnu.

And what has Laila sent today? they asked the servant girl.
A knife and a cup. She wants freshly drawn blood from your chest! said the servant girl.The imposters fled, one by one.
Finally, the servant reached the real Majnu. He was like a skeleton. He had not eaten for days in the agony of his love for Laila.

A drop of blood from my chest! said Majnu, does Laila think I still have blood left within me?
And saying this, he struck his chest with the knife. Only one tiny drop fell into the cup.

Tell her, said Majnu, that my blood has been burnt in the fire of my love. There is but this drop left. But Laila must be healthy and plump. She must have a lot of blood in her – why did she need mine?
The servant returned to Laila and related what Majnu had said.

So, Majnu thinks I have a lot of blood within me. Look!

And saying this, she hit the knife into her body. And only ashes fell out!
Tell Majnu, that the fire of his love has burnt my blood to ashes! she said.
Such were the degrees of love that real lovers of God felt.