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For the first time in his life, Shri Nathji stayed in Mussoorie for the entire winter, from December 1957 till the end of February 1958. His devotees in the plains began wondering where he had gone. It was most unusual for him to be in Mussoorie in the winter months.
This was yet another great sacrifice that Shri Nathji and Mateshwari performed for the sake of the boys.
The only reason for staying in Mussoorie for the winter months was the coming Inter-Science examination of Priya Nath at St. George’s College.
However there was another reason as well, known only to Shri Nathji. He was bidding farewell to Savitri Nivas and perhaps to Mussoorie itself.
The mountains that he had loved so much were soon going to see him depart from their midst to take up his abode in the plains.
This was Shri Nathji’s last tryst with Mussoorie in the manner in which he had been accustomed to all these years. The boys’ schooling at Mussoorie had come to an end.
Shri Nathji had first come to Mussoorie in 1929 and had liked the hill station so much that he had come there every year thereafter from Amritsar and Lahore, and in later years had made Mussoorie his home. He had been living in Savitri Nivas since November 1947, and had spent 10 years there up to November 1957.