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As the days, weeks and months sped by, Mateshwari’s health continued to decline. This was in part due to the uncontrolled diabetes, for which Mateshwari was not taking the medicines as prescribed, nor indeed, keeping to the strict diet. Indeed, in the plains the dietary indiscretion had only worsened her condition.
Rajmata Kasmanda in the neighbourhood had become so worried about Mateshwari’s prolonged illness that she had even contacted the St. Mary’s Hospital above the hill to admit Mateshwari in case she chose to be admitted. The German lady doctor had assured her that Mateshwari would be treated with due diligence. However, Mateshwari could never think of leaving Shri Nathji alone for even a single day and did not seek admission to the hospital.
Just then, Shri Nathji found a highly qualified doctor in Mussoorie itself. It was as if the entire leela of the illness had been enacted to give the opportunity for divine service to this doctor, to bring a fulfilment to his medical capability.
It was in similar circumstances in 1947 that Shri Nathji had miraculously found a doctor for Priya Nath when he had been ill with double pneumonia and typhoid.
The doctor who came to attend on Mateshwari in 1956 was a certain Dr. Gaya Prasad with powerful credentials the likes of which had never been seen at Mussoorie:

Dr.Gaya Prasad
B.Sc., (Hons) M.D. (Patna) M.R.C.P. (Lond Edin) D.C.P. (Lond) D.T.M. (L’Pool) D.C.H. (Lond)It would have been impossible to find such a doctor with such high qualifications even in the city of Delhi. The doctor had acquired a great devotion for Shri Nathji and Mateshwari both, and recognised the important role that Mateshwari was playing in Shri Nathji’s life and mission.
Not only did Dr. Gaya Prasad treat Mateshwari for the time that he was at Mussoorie, but he also kept on giving advice after he had gone back to Patna, which was his home town. In his letter prescribing medicines for Mateshwari Dr. Gaya Prasad wrote to her:
“Poojniya Mataji,
I must thank His Holiness for His Spiritual Grace and urge you to get well soon so that you can look after Shri Maharajji.”
Those were the days when Mateshwari had developed severe pain in the joints making it very difficult for her to move. As a consequence, Shri Nathji and Mateshwari had shifted from their bedroom upstairs to the dining room downstairs, and made it their bedroom till the time Mateshwari recovered.
Mateshwari would be seen moving very slowly and painfully in the verandah of the house with a walking stick in her hand.
The younger daughter of Mateshwari’s sister, Vidyawati, came over to visit Mussoorie during those days along with her husband. Her name was Nimmo. It was as if Shri Nathji had miraculously arranged for a helper for Mateshwari. She would help Mateshwari walk outside in the open space of the house and otherwise keep her occupied with small talk about relatives. Mateshwari was never attached to any of her relatives and seldom called them to live with her at Mussoorie, so absorbed was she in Shri Nathji all the time.