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It was during this period that the sister of Nawab Istafa Khan came to see shri Nathji. She brought a very devotional and affectionate letter from Istafa Khan who had settled in Karachi after the partition of India. He had never forgotten Shri Nathji who had become his heart and soul.
His words to Shri Nathji in the summer of 1929 had become legend:
“Maaloom hotaa hai aap vo hain jin se nibh jaayegi! It appears that you are one with whom an enduring relationship shall be eastablished!”
The relationship had already endured for twenty-six years.
Shri Nathji never forgot the letter of Istafa Khan after the partition of India in which he wrote to Shri Nathji from Pakistan:

“Huzoor partition kaa sab se barraa nuksaan mujhe huaa hai – Huzoor kaa deedaar naheen hotaa.

“It is I who has suffered the greatest loss from the partition – I cannot get to see you any more!”

He wrote many Urdu and Persian verses in his letter as an eulogy to Shri Nathji. His sister said that he always had the name of Shri Nathji on his lips. Shri Nathji conveyed his blessings to Istafa Khan through his sister and said to her:

“Unhen kaih denaa ye rishtaa daayami hai!

“Tell him this relationship is eternal!”

In the 1930’s, in Mussoorie, Nawab Istafa Khan had met Shri Nathji and had told him: “Hazrat, last night my mother-in-law appeared in a dream and said to me:
‘Istafa I have given you riches of this world, but never leave Shri Nathji, only he can give you the riches of the spiritual world. He is the emperor of the world where you must go to after death.’”
Indeed, fortunate were the persons who remembered the Eternal Form of Shri Nathji after beholding him in his human form upon earth.