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Another parable dealt with the generosity of God. A beggar arrived at His door and begged for worldly things. God had been particularly generous during those days and He had given away a vast store-house of wealth to the people of the world.
Is there anything left for this man? God said to his angels.

Nothing, they said, everything has been given away!
“Then go and tell the beggar!” said God.

The angels went to the beggar and told him that nothing was left in the divine store-house of God.
“Let God come and tell me in His own words–that He, the Almighty God, has nothing for me!” said the beggar.

When the angels went and conveyed the message of the beggar to God, He said to them:
Take another look, surely there must be something left!

O Lord, nothing is left! said His angels.
Nothing? said God, vexed, not even ME!

“Kyaa main bhee naheen rahaa!”

And saying this, he fell into the bowl of the beggar! The man’s joy knew no bounds.
I have obtained God! he told the people of the world.
So what? they mocked him, we have all obtained worldly riches from Him! Owning mere God means nothing! You can keep Him!
But the world soon changed its tune when it saw the beggar creating anything he wanted for himself. Very shortly, the entire world came to belong to him, for the Creator had become his.
Shri Nathji often said:
If God has nothing to give to anyone, He will never show him His door. And if He shows His door to anyone, He will never send him away, empty-handed!

“Agar Bhagwan ne kissee ko denaa naheen hotaa, to vo usse dwaar naheen dikhaate, aur agar dwaar dikhaate hain to phir khaali naheen bhejte!”

Shri Nathji also said:
“How can God discard man since there is only One Door where man may go! Dwaar hee ek hai!”
Shri Nathji would sometimes quote Shri Babaji Maharaj who used to say:

“Agar koyi bhoolaa bhatkaa Bhagwan ke dwaar par aa jaaye to Bhagwan usse kahaan phenkenge?”

“If a lost soul stumbles across the door of God, how can God cast him away?”