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Shri Nathji met so many people in life, and had so personal a relationship with all of them that a book could be written separately on the experiences of each individual who met him.
And yet, it was to the credit of the phenomenal memory of Shri Nathji that he remembered even the minutest of details–howsoever trifling–of his association with the hundreds and thousands who had met him.
He would remember small details of the homes he had visited years ago; he would remember the number of children the family had; he would even recall the servants and the pets. This showed how genuinely concerned he was for the humanity around him. He was the Creator, and it was His duty to be aware of all that happened – in the past, present, or future.
Justice B. P. Sinha, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was surprised when Shri Nathji met him after twenty years and asked him about the health of a dear relative of his who had a weak heart; and who had always been upset by fast driving.
Another devotee was surprised when Shri Nathji recalled how he had come running, shoes in hand, when he heard Shri Nathji call out to him in an urgent tone at Lahore. It was only the greatness of Shri Nathji that he remembered these little things.