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Ultimately the search for the boys’ projector was successful as Shri Nathji found the required 8 mm movie projector in a small shop dealing with Kodak goods.
Shri Nathji purchased a silent 8 mm Kodak projector as well, along with the movie camera for the children. The shopkeeper, who sold the 8 mm movie camera and projector, was so overcome with devotion for Shri Nathji that he said to the boys:
Use the camera to make movies of your father. There is no one like him in the whole world. Preserve his image on the film; do not use the camera for your own frolicking. Javaani ki masti men naa camera zaayaa karnaa.
“I am greatly blessed today to have his darshan! I hope his image will remain in my heart till the day I die!
Perhaps it was to give salvation to this deserving soul in the camera shop that Shri Nathji had planned the leela of the movie projector. It would have been impossible otherwise for Shri Nathji to ever to have gone to the remote corner of the city to meet the man on any other pretext.
The movie projector was the excuse the Lord used to reveal Himself to the thirsty soul in the shop, as also to give his darshan to numerous other souls in the shops, which he had visited as also the Office of the Censor Board.
Shri Nathji would often say that he, too, was a shopkeeper:

Hamne bhee kholi hai yaan jinse muhabbat ki dukaan
Yaa Khudaa koyi khareeedaare muhabaat aaye

I, too, have opened a shop with a treasure grove of love,
O Lord, would that a buyer of love would come my way!