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As Shri Nathji’s search for a film projector continued, he saw a signboard in the city that spoke of cine films. Shri Nathji went inside the office and enquired about projectors. The man was so touched by Shri Nathji’s personality that he respectfully offered him a chair, and asked him who he was.
As Shri Nathji began speaking to him, his heart became so overcome with emotion that he became very devoted to Shri Nathji and even called his partners and colleagues to listen to his words and to take his darshan. Mateshwari and the boys were with Shri Nathji, as always.
The man was the head of the Film Censor establishment that dealt with the release of new films. They had a small-sized theatre, where they previewed films, and he took Shri Nathji there and showed a scene from a film that had just come to him.