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It was the film, Awara. There was the scene of a man doomed to hell who is taken out of his torment by an angel. Raj Kapoor and Nargis were in the scene. There was a song: in the scene: “Ghar aayaa meraa pardesi, pyaas bujhee meri akhiyan kee.”
It appeared as if the song were referring to the arrival of Shri Nathji in the world as a stranger who satiated the spiritual thirst of seeking souls.
Both, Shri Nathji and Mateshwari, enjoyed the scene of the film. Raj Kapoor and Nargis had always been Mateshwari’s favourite film pair. The film was to become an astounding success in the country and abroad in later days. It was due to the special blessings that it received from Shri Nathji’s first viewing as the Chief Censor in the world.