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Whenever he met people for the first time he would say:
You think you have met me only today! But ours is a relationship that dates back to eternity! In the very beginning of creation it was decreed that this moment shall come today! Lord Krishna had once said to Arjuna. ‘You and I have been born many times. I remember the births but you do not! Arjuna, tere mere bahut janam huye, mujhe yaad hain, tujhe yaad naheen!’”
Then again Shri Nathji would say:
I love you more than you love yourselves! And a proof of this is, that you may frequently think ill of yourselves, but I will never think ill of you! To your circle of friends, relatives and acquaintances, I have made one more addition–myself. Give me a small place within your hearts where a variety of relationships already exists!