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On the earthly plane, there was Shri Nathji immersing himself in the boys’ education once again. Priya Nath was studying at Allen Memorial School in Standard X, which was then known as the Senior Cambridge. Shri Nathji maintained his cordial relations with Reverend W.J. Biggs who was the principal of the school and who had begun visiting Shri Nathji at his residence once again.
Shri Nathji had to find a College for Pran Nath, as he had passed out of the Senior Cambridge from Allen Memorial School. There was only one English medium college in Mussoorie at the time and that was St. George’s College. It was run by an Irish Catholic institution. The principal of the college was Brother Ryan.
The distance from Savitri Nivas to St. George’s College was unbelievably long. Shri Nathji could see the College from his home, standing out far away in the valley of Barlowganj.
However, undeterred by the distance, Shri Nathji walked all the way down to the college, taking Pran Nath’s school leaving certificate with him.
The long winding road seemed to have no end, even as one curve led to another, one turn led to another. The skies were inclement with clouds in the month of March. There were little drops of water already falling upon Shri Nathji as he walked the long distance untiringly.
It was a Herculean effort for a man of his age. Shri Nathji was approaching the age of 54, and was not accustomed to walking such large distances. Anything could have happened to him along the route, where no medical aid of any kind was available.
Finally at the end of the long road that dipped into the valley of Barlowganj, there was an agonisingly steep climb to the college itself, and to the principal’s office.
Shri Nathji met Brother Ryan, the principal of the College, and asked him about the admission of Pran Nath. The man was only too glad to give the admission.  Although he was a stern and formal person, by no means having a good reputation amongst the students as a benign mentor, he was touched to the core by Shri Nathji’s personality. He saw in him something that was very holy. Before Shri Nathji left Brother Ryan’s office, the principal said to him:
“Pray for me!”
Those who had even an iota of truth in them instantly recognised the truth in Shri Nathji.