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Very soon Shri Nathji was in the Chambal Valley notorious for its highway robbers – dacoits.
People had warned Shri Nathji about this route. Dacoits would often waylay cars and kidnap the occupants. Shri Nathji’s dress and bearing gave the impression of royalty, and he would have been fair prey for the dacoits.
The powers of evil that doggedly kept at the heels of Shri Nathji made one more attempt. The tyre of the car punctured, and the car skidded to a halt. The chauffeur sought for a jack. There was none. He had left it behind in Bombay. The car stood on the road for a long time. The driver was in a grim mood as he knew that suspicion would fall upon him for having left the jack behind.
Evening had just begun to give way to night. Shri Nathji had his gun with him, but it was meant more as a show-piece than anything else. The children were still young. They carried the gun around the car in a brief display. Shri Nathji did not have any bullets for the gun. He had another gun with him–a Divine Weapon that shot an arrow of Love directly into the hearts of his adversaries.
Just then several tall, formidable dacoits made their appearance. They stood in the fields on either side of the road and watched the stalled car as well as the figure of Shri Nathji standing on the road, outside the car.
The dacoits were fully armed. They wore large Rajasthani turbans, and carried guns and spears. Shri Nathji saw them. He knew they were dacoits come to waylay the car. Before Mateshwari could stop Shri Nathji, he got out of his car and went towards them.
They were surprised at the sight of the Royal, Majestic Being who walked so fearlessly towards them. His spiritual radiance touched their hearts.
Shri Nathji spoke to the dacoits:
The tyre of our car has punctured. The driver has left the jack behind at home. We need your help! 
The dacoits were deeply touched. And the next instant they were seen applying their shoulders to the back mudguard of the car, lifting it inches above the ground, while the chauffeur changed the tyre.
Shri Nathji thanked them. They simply stared at him without uttering a word, and waited till he had got inside the car and left.
The inner beings of the dacoits had been touched by Shri Nathji. In later days more and more dacoits were heard to have surrendered themselves voluntarily before the government.