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Shri Nathji would narrate the story of Alexander seeking to invade a small kingdom. The smaller king had the good sense to surrender without bloodshed.
We have lost, he said, and you have won without a battle. Everything here is at your disposal! Be our guests!
And that night he gave a banquet for the conquering forces. Tables were laid out for the powerful Alexander and his ministers, which contained eatables of every shape and variety.
The eatables were however, replicas made of precious stones and diamonds. The artists had made them with such perfection that no one could distinguish them from the real eatables.
When Alexander set about to eat, he discovered that the food was actually made of precious stones and diamonds.
What kind of a joke is this? he said angrily, “How do you expect me to eat these stones!”
Is that not your food? said the smaller king.
My food is bread, just like that of any other man! said Alexander.
Is that so? said the smaller king, and were you not getting bread in your own kingdom? If so, then there was no need to take over mine! Surely, this wealth must be your real food, for the sake of which you are ready to shed the blood of thousands of innocent men!
Alexander was so taken aback by these words, that he got up from the table in remorse, shook the hands of the other king, and left his kingdom.