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Alexander, when young, had wished to conquer the whole world with his sword. However he realised soon enough that the world was a large place and that he would require a whole lifetime before he could win a victory over all of it. He went to his Spiritual Guide, i.e Khizr, and asked him whether he knew of any way to make him immortal so that death would never come to him, and he would be able to conquer the whole world.
The Khizr said to Alexander:
“Yes, I know of a way. There is a Fountain of Immortality in the forests. You have but to drink of it and death shall never come to you!”
Alexander said:
“Lead me to it at once! I wish to drink of such a nectar!”
The Khizr led Alexander through a dense forest until he came to an opening in the trees. He pointed to a pond that lay in the open space ahead.
“There it is!” said the Khizr, “the Fountain of Immortality. Drink but one cup of it and death will never come to you. You will become immortal!”
Alexander ran forward to drink from it. Just as he had filled his cup and was raising it to his lips, his eyes fell upon a large gathering of people on the other side of the pond. They were all crying out in agony.
“What is the matter with those people?” Alexander asked the Khizr, “Why are they crying?”
“They cannot bear the sufferings of life,” said the Khizr.
“Why don’t they drink from the fountain of immortality?”  said Alexander.
“Alexander,” said the Khizr, “they have already drunk from it!”
“Then why are they crying in agony? What do they want?” asked Alexander.
“They want death!” said the Khizr, “they have become immortal, and death cannot come to them, but they cannot endure the endless sufferings of an eternal life!”
Sikander heard the cries of the people as they said:
“We wish to die! We have partaken of this nectar and become immortal. But we have not been able to free ourselves of disease, fear, worry, and human suffering. We pray for death to enable us to escape the agony of the world, but it doesn’t come to us! We have spent years trying to find a way to die! We have returned here in the hope that we shall find some way. For we can neither live nor die!”
Sikander was horrified. He gave up the quest for an immortal life. It was not enough to find a guide who could lead one to the nectar of Eternal Life.
Where was the guide who knew of eternal life without suffering–where there would be only eternal bliss, contentment and peace! Unfortunately for Sikander, he did not succeed in finding such a guide–a raihbare kaamil, a complete Guru.
Shri Nathji said:
“Alas! Alexander found a Khizr but he could not lead him to the real nectar of life!”
And Shri Nathji narrated the following verse in Persian:

Tahi dastaane kismat raa cheh sood az murshide kaamil
Choon khizr aabe hayaat az tishnaa mi aarad Sikander raa

Of what use a Perfect Guide to those whose hands destiny hath left empty
They are like Sikander, who was left thirsting for Nectar, though having a Guide

Shri Nathji would narrate the following parable about Alexander and the Fakeer very frequently to reveal the secret of life in yet another beautiful illustration taken from history.