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During their stay in Bombay in the winter of 1955, Shri Nathji devoted his time to the boys, who were anxiously seeking a small 8 mm movie camera and projector.
Shri Nathji searched all over Bombay, going to various shops in the city to get what the boys wanted. Not being familiar with projectors, he almost unwitting purchased a huge 35 mm movie projector that was meant for cinema halls!
The salesman was so taken up by Shri Nathji’s personality that he insisted on selling two such projectors to Shri Nathji for the small sum of Rs.500 each! Shri Nathji, in his innocence, had even considered buying them, and had thought of placing them in the verandah of the Mussoorie house! However, the idea was abandoned because of the sheer size of the projectors, which were meant for cinema halls.