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Pran Nath and Priya Nath had observed that there was a large bird in that part of the forest, which always flew with a loud screeching sound whenever the boys went down the path. Whenever the boys saw the bird they were filled with a sensation of fear. It was almost as if the bird were evil.
The boys would always fall ill soon afterwards. Both Pran Nath and Priya Nath had begun to have severe attacks of migraine soon after joining Vincent Hill, and this despite the fact that the atmosphere in the school was most congenial. The boys attributed it to the bird, which became a harbinger of bad luck.
In April 1955 there was the tragic news of the school closing down. Shri Nathji was so concerned that he walked all the way to Vincent Hill School and met the principal, M.O.Manley, who was very sympathetic and suggested transferring the boys to Woodstock School another American school in Mussoorie.
Shri Nathji later wrote to the principal of Woodstock School, a certain Mr. Burgoyne, asking for admission for the boys there. Manley gave them a good recommendation, but unfortunately no seats were available.
Thereafter there was only one alternative left to Shri Nathji and that was to send the boys back to Allen Memorial School, which the boys had hated because of the harshness and bullying prevailing there.
Shri Nathji went to Allen Memorial School and spoke to the principal, Mr. Biggs, who was very glad to see him again, and who assured Shri Nathji that the boys would be welcome to the school again, and that he would ensure that there was no harshness or bullying this time. In fact he told the boys that they could come direct to him in case there was any such incident.
And thus encouraged, the boys agreed to join Allen again. It was with a great degree of sadness that they left Vincent Hill School in the month of May 1955 and joined classes at Allen Memorial.
Mr. Biggs had given the boys double promotion and placed Pran Nath and Priya Nath in Standard X and Standard VIII respectively.
Mr. Biggs also made certain that the circumstances that had caused the boys great distress in the school in the past were changed. It was a blessing for all the students of the school.