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The next morning there was the most astonishing and impossible news on the radio – the Chinese forces had stopped advancing all by themselves, and were even withdrawing from some of their positions!! 
No one ever understood why this happened, even though many a hypothesis was advanced! It was one of the most impossible events in history. A nation poised for victory in battle, suddenly stopping its invasion and withdrawing without any rhyme or reason. These were the same Chinese who had backed wars for years and years in other regions of the world. They were not ones to be scared by the ultimatum of any country of the world.
Mateshwari was the only one who knew that it was the Divine Power of Shri Nathji that had halted the Chinese invasion and saved India and that His divine waves had reached out across thousands of miles to change the hearts of the Chinese leaders.
When Shri Nathji wrote that line to Mao Tse Tung, his divine waves carried across his thoughts to the Chinese leaders and changed their minds. Perhaps in their heart of hearts even they did not know why they were withdrawing their troops. A Higher Power was acting within them and making them pass the orders for withdrawal.