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Shri Nathji would frequently go for a walk in the evenings in the lanes and streets of the colony. His pace would be fast but he would be careful to avoid the people and traffic around him. Mateshwari would be very worried about him till the time he came back. She knew he was not accustomed to walking in crowded streets. But the flat was located in such an area where traffic was unavoidable.
One day as Shri Nathji was going for a walk, he observed a figure of an elderly Sikh gentleman come towards him from the opposite direction. Shri Nathji stepped to one side so as to allow the man to pass, but a strange thing happened. The stranger stopped before Shri Nathji and embraced him with an alarming suddenness – almost as if he were colliding with him! It was the first time in Shri Nathji’s life that such a thing had happened.
Loud cries of  “Wah! Wah!” escaped from the man’s lips, “Wonderful! Wonderful!”
He continued:
“There was such a divine radiance around you, and such a magnetic attraction, that, even without my knowing it, I was compelled to come up to you and embrace you! It was as if you had called out to my soul!
The man was Dr. Kapoor Singh, who had been an eminent Civil Surgeon earlier, but who was now the President of the Theosophical Society at Delhi. He lived a few houses away from Shri Nathji’s residence at West Patel Nagar.
He fell so madly in love with Shri Nathji that he began coming to him daily and would sit before him for hours, lost in a sea of divine bliss, even as Shri Nathji’s magic flow of words entered his heart and soul and took him to another plane. He had become a moth that had completely delivered itself to the Divine Flame.
Shri Nathji’s verse described the situation:

Shamaa ne aag rakh lee sar pe kasam khaane ko,
Ba Khudaa maine jalaayaa naheen parvaane ko

The Flame did place a fire on its head to swear,
By God, it was not I that burnt the moth!

It was the recognition of the ages that had brought the individual soul to the Universal Soul, like a moth that comes intuitively to the flame, falls in it and burns in it.
As the association began to grow, Sardar Kapoor Singh said to Shri Nathji:
When you speak, I feel like lifting you on my shoulders and taking you out to all corners of the world for all to hear. 
Dr. Kapoor Singh, who was no less than a mahatma himself, would say to Shri Nathji:
“All the Sadhus and Mahatmas of the country take pride in our Swamiji – Hamko apne Swamiji par naaz hai!
“A saint of immense scholarship and eloquence which is unmatched anywhere in the world, without the least bit of exaggeration; with an unremitting flow of words, interspersed with Urdu and Persian verses, a beautiful melodious voice; who is handsome beyond conception, with a Divine Glow and Majesty on his incredibly attractive face – such is our Swamiji!”
As Dr. Kapoor Singh got to know Shri Nathji better, he discovered that speaking was the smallest of Shri Nathji’s tasks, and that Shri Nathji was in fact the personification of Love upon earth, and could grant salvation to the human soul in a single moment, while relieving mankind of all its sorrows and sufferings in a flash. Shri Nathji was the companion who would be with man in this world and also the world to come.
Dr. Kapoor Singh would light up with divine bliss each time he came before Shri Nathji. And he would quote the following verse:

“Mere Maihboob ki soorat Khudaa se milti julti hai
lbaadat ki ibaadat hai aur muhabbat ki muhabbat hai

The Face of my beloved resembles that of God
Here there is worship as well as Love!”

Tears would come into his eyes each time he was near Shri Nathji. A deep inner relationship was formed between the two, which was to last for many years.