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Shri Nathji used to say:
Athaa-to-brahm-jigyaasaa–develop a desire for God! There is no point my placing delicious foods before you, if you have no hunger. There is milk in a mother’s breast. It is not meant for the mother. It is meant for her child–and especially the child who is hungry! I have come to give myself to you. I do not want anything from anyone. I want neither name, nor fame, nor followers!
“Let me warn those mahatmas who want people to prostrate before them that they are straying from the path. Far better, if they look to their own salvation, instead. The multitudes who come to them will not take them across the bhavsaagar. Let them remember death and humble themselves at the feet of God.
“A mahatma who desires name or fame or who wishes to collect a large number of followers around himself is not a real mahatma!
“If a mahatma has the desire within him to make even one disciple, he falls in the eyes of God.”
“It is said in Persian:

Khilaafe tareekat bavad Aulia
Ke tammanaaye az Khudaa juz Khudaa

It is against the nature of Saints,
To desire anything from God except God!

“In order to reach God one must give up all desires of the world. If there be anyone who claims to have reached God and at the same time has a desire for the things of the world–like name, fame, wealth and followers–then he has in fact not reached God, but is merely worshipping his own ego.”
“As for those mahatmas who have isolated themselves from the people, and are taking the joy of their own meditations in their caves–I would say to them:
‘If you have not attained anything then make haste and do so! And if you have attained something then come out into the world and let others benefit from your realisation!

“Agar kuchh naheen milaa hai to jaldi keejiye! Aur agar milaa hai to baahar aayiye aur duniyaan ki taraf dekhiye!”